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Saturday, 9 July 2011

These things always sound easier than they turn out to be. The book – THE WINTER HOUSE – is written, edited, polished to perfection. I got an agent on the strength of it, and a great many publishers said they liked it… just not enough to take a risk on it.

Earlier this year a series of events prompted me to drag it out from under the proverbial bed and try self-publishing. Just whack it on Kindle, I thought. Sounds easy, doesn’t it. And it is, on the whole. It’s what it leads on to that becomes complicated and frustrating and scary. Now I've had to buy a Kindle – ok, I didn’t actually have to, but I've always hankered after one, so this was as good an excuse as any. But that’s not the complicated bit. I'm looking at Smashwords; this will be a platform to get my novel into all sorts of US outlets and onto other reading device thingies. This is where it gets complicated and, two thirds of the way through, I discovered I need an ISBN. This wasn’t necessary for Kindle so I had decided to not bother, but now I've had to spend half a morning finding out how to get one – or, rather, ten, which is the minimum package they sell.  
Now I have to wait ten days for them to arrive. In the meantime I can finalise the cover and get to grips with this blog. More later, including a little backstory.

You can get my book here

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