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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Having a bit of a Chadwick Fest

I first came across Elizabeth Chadwick when I picked up The Greatest Knight – can't remember where I bought it now. It’s a fictionalised account of the early life of William Marshal, one of the most charismatic men in medieval history, and I have been fascinated by him ever since reading it.

More recently I have read A Place Beyond Courage, which is the story of John Marshal, William's father – he of ‘hammer and anvil’ fame – and I'm now reading To Defy A King, which stars Mahelt, William's eldest daughter.

I didn’t intend for this to turn into an advert; I just wanted to share how interesting it is to meet the three generations of one family and to become wrapped up in the time they lived through.

Even more fascinating for me is the way she gets the details. A friend, someone she has known from before she started writing, has the ability to tap into the Akashic Records, a plane of existence believed to record all knowledge and history of human experience. People with the ability to read these records can go there and view whatever they want to see, whether it be great moments in history or a man enjoying a quiet evening at home with his family. I would kill to be able to do that!

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